Our Services

Internal Audit and Risk Advisory

A key focus area for the Firm has been providing Internal Audit and Risk Advisory Services to businesses. Internal audits provide the freedom and room for creativity to solve a particular problem in an effective manner to add value to the entire process. DBLLP has a dedicated team working predominantly on internal audits and risk advisory services to many Indian listed and large unlisted entities. As a non-attest function, the Risk Advisory function thrives on adding value to a client process or concern. The team brings to table the experience of working with multiple businesses, thereby avoiding reinventing-the-wheel for a peculiar concern. As processes proceed business growth, a robust Internal Audit function goes a long way in managing growth of entities that are on poised on their growth trajectory. To know more about our Internal Audit and Risk Advisory service offering, feel free to write to Samridhi Bhansali (samridhi.s@dbllp.co.in) or info@dbllp.in


Accounting Solution

Accounting and Reporting is required across businesses and sectors. Globalized business needs accounting solutions that adapt across various accounting languages. The complexities surrounding accounting and the expectations that goes along with has only increased. DBLLP has been actively engaged in providing GAAP convergence, public-market readiness accounting solutions, business reporting services, for clients. As businesses scale-up the regulatory reporting expectations multiply. The team at DBLLP is skilled to assist businesses in converging to IFRS, IND-AS, USGAAP, etc. Indian capital market listing requirements require a restatement of financial statements retrospectively since last 5 years. This brings along various accounting, compilation, and technical challenges. In time-sensitive public market listing initiatives, an experienced team is a big differentiator. To know more about our Accounting Solutions service offerings, feel free to write to info@dbllp.in or Devendra Raikwar (devendra.r@dbllp.co.in).


Independent Audit

Statutory requirements under various laws and regulations in India require an Independent Audit of the Financial Statements of a business entity. DBLLP is actively engaged in providing assurance services for listed companies, private companies, public companies, limited liability partnerships, bank SBU, trusts, partnerships, etc. Independent Audit Engagements enable users of financial statements to interpret the financial health of the business and enables interested stakeholders to repose their faith in the business performance. The expectations of varied stakeholders require a robust process-driven and technology-enabled independent audit function that truly justifies its purpose. Highly selective in the independent audit engagements it conducts, the Independent Audit practice at DBLLP is led by experienced senior partners and enabled by use of technology. Today’s modern businesses and their reliance on technology requires the audit teams to be equipped with cutting-edge technology. To know more about our Independent Audit service offering, feel free to contact us at info@dbllp.in


Policy and SOP Drafting

Eventually, Policies & SOPs serve as a fundamental means of communication for all levels of the organization. Not only do they include employees departmentally, but they also allow management and employees to gain a cross-functional view of the organization. This attitude encourages employees to think about how process change may affect other functional areas. A good system forces employee to think through processes and examine how procedure might influence product, personnel, production, and equipment.

DBLLP is actively engaged in providing Policy and SOP drafting services for listed and private companies.


Business Process Automation, Restructuring and MIS

The world of business has already changed significantly due to the impact of technologies. Automation, robotics and algorithms are already widely used in the corporate world. As technology improves, it is inevitable that more tasks will become available for automation, and as we look ahead to the future, there is no doubt that it will continue to be a huge technical phenomenon.

The future of the workplace relies on the transformation and development of new skills – not only hard technical ones, but also soft ones such as empathy, curiosity, creativity, and collaboration within its employees.

DBLLP is actively engaged in providing business solution to clients by Business Process Automation and Restructuring and Preparation of MIS.


Direct Tax

The domain of direct tax has been a strong-hold for DBLLP throughout its evolution. The Transactions and Consulting practice lines rely heavily on the domain expertise of direct tax team. End-to-end direct tax service capabilities enable DBLLP to conceptualize, execute, comply, and close an effective direct tax strategy. The leaders at the firm have experience panning many years in tax structuring, compliances, representations, litigation support and documentation.


Indirect Tax

The emergence of the Goods and Services regime in India required businesses to recalibrate their approach to indirect taxes. The firm has been in the forefront in thought-leadership and policymaking toward the GST regime. The ability to seamlessly work across all major states in India acts as a big advantage for clients looking for coherent GST support and implementation. The indirect tax edge also enables the Transactions and Consulting teams to enhances their value proposition in the marketplace.



Corporate Law

The drafting and representation service line at DBLLP, predominantly assist businesses to cover a business initiative or a transactional initiative with utmost precision. The team at DBLLP works closely with businesses to achieve the required objective in drafting schemes of arrangement, tax appeals, corporate documentation, etc.




‘Digital’ is all pervasive and the business landscape is not insulated from the disruptive changes that are being unleashed in digital era. Businesses and business models would need to evolve to survive in modern day digital era. Digital is new-normal for most of the sectors that businesses operate in. As a specialty service offering, the Digital service line aims to enable businesses adapt to changing digital trends and constantly map their digital competencies with the requirements of the marketplace. The advent of social media and mobile technology poses unique business as well as process challenges. A thorough understanding of changing technology trends in the today’s digital world coupled with sound understanding of the business nuances enable businesses to remain relevant in today’s disruptive marketplace.